tisdag 26 januari 2016

Golar bolagen

Den som har mycket tid över och delar mitt intresse för dessa kan med fördel titta på denna 3 timmar långa kapitalmarknadsdag för en av Golars partners, London noterat gasbolag. I den finns integrerat en presentation från Golar men allt är intressant och lärorikt.


En viktig sak som hänt efter den presentationen från november är följande häromdagen:

Heads of Terms signed for an Upstream partner in the Fortuna FLNG project, Equatorial Guinea
Ophir has signed a non-binding Heads of Terms Agreement with Schlumberger whereby Schlumberger will, subject to due diligence, definitive documentation and Government approval, receive a 40% economic interest in the Fortuna FLNGproject, offshore Equatorial Guinea.  Ophir and Schlumberger will now work towards signing a definitive agreement, which is expected to be signed in 2Q 2016, ahead of Final Investment Decision.  Under the definitive agreement Schlumberger will reimburse 50% of Ophir’s past costs in the form of a development carried interest.  This is expected to cover Ophir’s share of capital expenditures up until first sales of LNG.
As previously indicated, Ophir is also presently shortlisting the gas off-take offers and expects to complete this process within the coming weeks. All workstreams are progressing in line with expectations and the project remains on track to achieve FID in mid-2016.
Mercedes Eworo Milam, Director General of Hydrocarbons in the Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy (“MMIE”), commented: “MMIE continues to lend full support to Ophir, GEPetrol and Sonagas as it progresses the Fortuna FLNG project towards FID.”
On the 22nd January 2016 an agreement was signed between Golar and Schlumberger to jointly develop gas reserves through FLNG technology. Subject to a successful FID and implementation of the partnership in the Fortuna project both Schlumberger and Golar have expressed interest to extend this partnership to include other existing or potential new Ophir assets in the future.

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