torsdag 18 juni 2015

Offshore industrins räddningsplanka

An ocean of wind turbines - green offshore

The Danish offshore industry is busy shifting over from oil and gas to offshore wind. Ten thousand wind turbines are planned to be installed in the North Sea in the years ahead.
 The North Sea is the world’s leading area for offshore wind, and is expected to maintain that position for some time to come. In the next 10 years alone, around 10,000 offshore wind turbines are planned for installation in the North Sea area, and Esbjerg is centrally placed in relation to Danish, British and German plans for expansion.

Horns rev 580

Esbjerg’s new role

In recent years, Esbjerg has adopted a new role and has developed into Europe’s leading port for shipping offshore wind turbines. The port has accounted for two thirds of the 3 GW (gigawatts) of offshore wind power so far installed in Europe. Forts

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