onsdag 17 oktober 2012

Tar tillfället att öka i Allana Potash, minska i Avion

Uppseendeväckande rörelse i Allana. Mäklare 73 Cormark har tryckt ner aktien senaste två dagarna rätt hårt.

Med nyhetsrelease precis utkommen på läget så tar jag därför chansen att handla på mig lite tyngre position.

Avion går bra idag igen och jag fortsätter vinsthemtagningar (vilket gör att jag kan köpa om vi ser svaghet framöver men samtidigt glädjas om den fortsätter upp). Man är nu på nivån där Endeavour har en större mängd warranter vilket historiskt i olika bolag ibland sammanfaller med att shortpositioner ökar.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I also added more AAA yesterday but I must admit it feels a bit like the opposite of a text book trade: when a stock breaks through support you don't go long - you sell it! Well... Let's see what happens.

  2. You are so right... One should clearly point out that those trading rules that are indeed text book, is quite often exactly the opposite of how I do my trading in Canada. I try to be contrarian in every way but in order for that to work I have to be up to date with fundamentals of the companies. It was great that Allana was so recently updated.

    But I also change that behaviour depending on my short term view of the markets. Selling in Avion yesterday, to a bit, reflects that I am again not fully confident in the near future and liked the opportunity to make sure I can shop during any near term sale with plenty of cash available (hopefully today)

    At the same time the CAD is now also cheap and many stocks are cheaper as well, so I am really trying to find bargains out there and yesterday it was Allana that I found. Hopefully it is some other good company today....

  3. Yes, i have noticed your strategy, buy on weakness, sell on strength :-)

    One of the the real big differences between value and technical investors is how value investors like buying cheaper and cheaper - and this can drive them over the cliff if the market does not agree with their perception of value, whereas the "techies" never buy real cheap but also never loose it all (at once, at least).


    1. Yes, that was what happened to me during H2 2008 and that was the last time I used leverage. After that I physically removed that option (I have to send in papers to start it up again).

      So that is my first protection against that risk. The second is to actually have a limit of how much percentage my portfolio is allowed to be in one stock. Not an absolute number only but also considering risk in that company.

      Third is to remove the extra risk as soon as possible by selling the most expensive ones, my average cost or simply getting a small profit on the latest purchase... depending on situation.

      Today I bought back all yesterday's sold (91) Avion at 88. A cheaper CAD compared to yesterday basically pays for transactions costs. So 3 cent net in one day... One can "make money" by being careful and selling as well... not just being long....