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Ytterligare tecken på att REE inte substitueras bort

Det senaste japanska draget för att knyta till sig "high tech" metallerna inom tunga REE.

Mkt att tänka på här, och då som sagt främst att japanerna inte verkar tro att REE-fria lösningar kommer göra REE onödigt i första taget men även att det upprepas att före 2014-2015 så ser vi inget nytt utbud av tunga REE (jag tror man kan lägga på några år för senaste tidens kapitalstrypning till REE juniorerna bromsar upp).

Monday, July 16, 2012

Alkane to send all REE for processing in Japan

Japan is showing grim determination in its drive to free itself from China’s rare earth grip, the latest move being a deal between Japan‘s only large-scale separation and refining plant for rare earths, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., and an emerging Australian producer, Alkane Resources.

Alkane has signalled that it is going ahead on the basis of processing 1 million tonnes a year of ore, from which Shin-Etsu will produce more than 1,120 tonnes of heavy rare earths and 3.050 tonnes of lights.

The extraordinary part of the deal is that Japan will get 100 per cent of the Alkane REE output under the toll processing deal. Shin-Etsu will then have priority to buy at commercial prices a quantity of the REE toll-processed for the first five years. The Japanese company supplies high purity separated rare earths to a wide range of Japanese and international customers, while consuming significant quantities itself.

The Alkane and Shin-Etsu tie-up is highly significant for its geopolitical implications. (It’s only at the memorandum of understanding at this stage, but it seems highly unlikely that the Japanese party will walk away - this is too vital to its ability to secure REE supplies.) As I have previously reported, Tokyo doesn’t want to see high-tech companies being forced to move to China in order to gain access to reliable REE supplies.

Last year, Shin-Etsu caused a stir when it announced that, for that very reason, it was going to build a REE alloy plant in China. Now we know that this will be built at Longyan in Fujian province and will be operating by January.

Under this new deal with Alkane, concentrates from Dubbo will be shipped to Japan where Shin-Etsu will produce a suite of separated heavy and light REE. Alkane says that selling the full suite of separate REE from the Dubbo project will significantly increase its revenue stream.

Alkane is expecting to be in production by late 2014 or early 2015.
Meanwhile, the Nikkei news service reports that the country’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is joining forces with Toyota Motor Corp and other major manufacturers to develop technology for recycling rare-earth metals vital for next-generation green vehicles and other applications.

Under the initiative, automakers and home-appliance manufacturers will tap government subsidies to establish a technology for recovering rare-earth metals from discarded motors and electronics. The ministry will earmark the necessary expenses in its fiscal 2013 budget request.
The manufacturers hope to have recycled rare earths account for around 10% of national demand by fiscal 2025.

Tidigare så har ju såväl Matamec som Great Western Minerals "japanska avtal".

Tanken med denna artikel var att återkoppla till tidigare tankar om att nyhetsflödet från Kina och Japan måste tolkas utifrån tanken "propagandakrig" förståelse.

Alkane har för övrigt en riktigt cool presentation av REE som jag rekommenderar, glöm inte att även klicka och läsa om ämnena Dy och Tb.

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