fredag 22 juni 2012

Dacha från Gecko Research

Utmärkt material från mina tidigare kollegor inom OB Research, klipper in det rakt av, länk sist:

We recently had a conf call with Dacha to get an update from the company.

Dacha has approx C$7 million in the treasury, an inventory valued to approx C$65 million and C$27 million MCap. We can all agree that the market has given the company a very conservative valuation.

We expect to see a PR about a new share buy back program, NCIB, during next week. 10% of the float is allowed to buy back, close to 6.5 million shares is our estimate. There will be a limit per day given by the TSX, and a limit per month, 1 million shares. We expect Dacha to buy back shares at maximum speed.

The demand in the HREE market has picked up, although the demand from Japan is a bit shy. Perhaps they are running down the inventory to bitter end or they might even got a piece of the, well known, rare earth metals being smuggled across the globe. Management is working hard to sell parts of the inventory (or the hole inventory). The trigger of a sale is always around the corner and the next trigger will be launching of the NCIB.

Regarding the release earlier today about the FMAMco loan, we consider any return of money from that loan as bonus since it is not included in the NAV.

Dacha brings great value for the patient investor, we still keep part of our well diversified portfolio in Dacha.
Jag kommer lyfta upp Gecko Research blogg till den övre vänstra bloggrullen då jag tycker det dyker upp en del pärlor där som jag själv vill ha bättre koll på...

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