onsdag 12 augusti 2009

Artikel om bl.a Allana Resources

Som nämnts på innehavsdelen har jag tagit ett innehav i ett systerbolag till Avion Resources som är fokuserat på potash. Inget jätteinnehav men det faktum att man är granne med stort indiskt bolag, har BHP som stejkat marken runt intill Allana samt att ett större kinesiskt bolag köper in sig i Allana + Allanas tomt i Etiopien tycker jag gör det intressant.

Finns bra intervju och teknisk rapport på hemsidan. Ticker V.AAA.

"Second, China wants to secure sufficient raw materials to sustain its economic growth. Indeed, the world’s largest consumer of mineral resources is fast becoming a key source of mining capital for Canadian companies, large and small. This reality was underscored when CIC purchased its stake in giant Teck and when a major state-run Chinese mining company entered discussions with Toronto-based Allana Resources (TSX.V: AAA) to build a potash mine on Allana’s property in Ethiopia’s Danakil Evaporate Basin. The Chinese have also agreed to buy up to a 19.99 percent share position in Allana. Potash mines have extremely high start-up costs, typically in the neighborhood of CAD3 billion. But Allana’s suitor has deep pockets.
CIC wasn’t fully invested prior to the crisis, limiting its losses. It is now clearly shifting out of cash and money market funds into various “risk” assets. "

En annan intressant likhet med Avion är att man även här tycks ha lyckats få tag på top management med rätt typ av erfarenhet för att skapa aktieägarvärde.

Farhad Abasov, MBA, President, CEO & Director
Over 15 years of business management experience; Most recently served as Senior Vice President at Potash One and Vice President, Portfolio Management and Vertical Integration for Uranium One. Former member of Energy Metals management team (Energy Metals was sold to Uranium One for $1.8 Billion in 2007)



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